Abbey Lane safe crossing – how you can help

1. Sign our petition for safe crossing

We have launched a petition and need to gather 2,500 local signatures by the end of March to raise the issue with the local council in April.

Can you help us by being one our first signatories? Could you share amongst your networks? Sign here.

2. Voices of support

Locals using the woods have been flooding the Sheffield City Region Active Travel map with comments. 

Over 90 people have now voiced their support for safer crossing options. The map is used to identify areas of concern for walking and cycling and is a great way to show local support for the crossing.

Do you know someone who’d be happy to add their views? Send them to the map (link above) at location S7 2AW and ask them to register to make a comment under the ‘Safety’ category.

Do ask them to email us to let us know:

Public comments we have received so far include:

“Every time I cross Abbey Lane it causes me great stress. I was nearly run over when 36 weeks pregnant by someone driving too fast down the hill.”

“As someone who walks in Ecclesall woods every Monday I feel very strongly that there should be at least one crossing. I am 85 years old and would feel much safer as my gait is slower than it was.”

“It is a dice with death for an able-bodied adult but terrifying to watch carers trying to get children across safely and a wheelchair user needs nerves of steel.”

3. In the press

The campaign featured in the Sheffield Telegraph this week. Many other people in Sheffield are campaigning for similar access to green space and we hope to be able to connect with them. 

Please share the article.

4.Help from our local councillor

We met with local councillor Barbara Masters to discuss the campaign.

Barbara has been raising the issue of safety on Abbey Lane for years and thinks the time is right to make some progress. As well as advising us about the technicalities of decision-making about road safety and highways issues, she brought up the issue of a crossing in February’s open council meeting and advised us to start a petition so we can speak to the full council.

We have been informing local politicians of all parties about the campaign and how it links to wider Sheffield priorities, including sending round the attached infographic with details of two crossing counts made in January 2021.

4.  Open meeting: Campaign update

We’ve got big plans about how to raise awareness and gather more support for our campaign. Want to get involved?

Please attend our open campaign meeting:

1-2pm, Friday 26th February

Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 822 1358 7966
Passcode: 962181